Hearing Test & Hearing Aid Service

Woman Takes a Hearing Test

Hearing Test

Our office is set up to privately evaluate hearing and demonstrate new technology available to compensate for less than perfect ears. In less than an hour you can know what your hearing is doing, see your problem areas, and feel what it is like to hear better. All of the latest “connective technology” for phones, television and people are all available to try before you buy. You will be amazed how easy the process can be! You will wonder, “Why, oh why did I wait so long”!

The Hearing Experience offers:

  • Free hearing evaluation
  • Free In-house demonstration
  • Same-day new hearing aids
  • Same/next day hearing aid repairs
  • Custom hearing protection
  • Convenient location and hours

How to Clean Your Hearing Aid(s)

At night: A soft cloth or tissue, and a stiff dry brush are all you will need.

At night:

  • Wipe the instruments dry with a soft, dry cloth or tissue
  • Now open the battery door and place the hearing aids in the container provided.

In the morning:

  • Close the battery door, take the brush provided (or any soft, dry toothbrush and brush off any debris.
  • Once finished brushing, you are now able to place the instrument in your ear.

If, once inserted, your hearing aid is not making any sound, or is too weak, give us a call for a service appointment.

Hearing Aid Check, Repairs and Servicing

We service and repair all kinds, makes and models of hearing aids. After thirty years, Walter Kelly has seen all types of hearing aids – probably more than just about anyone else still dispensing hearing aids.

How will I know if my hearing aids need repair?

Hearing Aid repairs and servicingHearing aids do require minimal maintenance to keep them functioning properly, such as cleaning them and your ears to prevent wax buildup on the device, keeping devices dry and checking the charge of the battery. If you begin to hear an increase amount of static or feedback, or the volume isn’t working properly, then it is a good idea to bring your hearing aids in for servicing.

The Hearing Experience will be able to discuss options for repair and how much time it will take.

In the event the aid has suffered irreversible damage, then it may be time for a new hearing aid system. We’ll examine your current hearing health and offer suggestions and improvements so to make the transition to new hearing aids so much easier.

Hearing aid repair
Cleaning Demonstration

Hearing Aid Maintenance

The basic principle with hearing instruments is there needs to be a way for sound to enter into the device. Then it needs power to process sound and a clean port for the sound to enter the ear. The hearing aid must then seal into the ear canal and the canal must be free of wax and debris.

Hearing Aid Batteries

Modem hearing aid batteries come attached to a “sticker.” Batteries should be as fresh as possible as they will last longer in your hearing aid. The battery is activated when the sticker is removed. Do not remove the sticker until ready for use. If the sticker is removed, use a new battery. It is safe to place the old battery in the garbage, as it will not hurt the environment. They should never be left out where they might accidentally be consumed by children or animals.

Batteries take about one minute to come to full power. They remain at full power until they suddenly expire. Most modem hearing aids will “beep” or “tell you” that it is time to change batteries. The exception is when they expire while you sleep or have them out of your ears.

After a set or two of batteries, you will know approximately how many days they will last. Always keep a spare pair with you to avoid interruption of your better hearing. A “battery caddie” or other secure storage device is a handy way to ensure fresh batteries with you at all times.

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