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Does Your Medicare Supplement Cover Hearing Aids?

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It used to be that hearing aids were considered “cosmetic” by the insurance companies and the government. Anyone who has experienced or known someone who has experienced hearing loss knows that even a mild loss can make a HUGE impact on your work and personal life – not to mention on those around you!

There have been many recent studies linking untreated hearing loss to many comorbidities – and even to increasing the likelihood of dementia! All of the accumulating data and consumer awareness of the effects of untreated hearing loss is forcing insurance companies to take the issue more seriously. More and more insurance plans are starting to cover hearing aids (as they should) – with many plans offering $0 out of pocket!

As a best practice, it’s always a good idea to have a specialist review and confirm that what you have is what’s best for you all-around. If you would prefer to do that yourself, we have an exclusive tool available to use (coming soon) where you can compare your current coverage to some of the other plans available to you!

If you would like to have someone who is impartial and knows the ins and outs of all of the plans available, Kenny Lopez is your man. He developed the tool mentioned above and is passionate about making sure you have what you need, even if it is what you’ve got already. His consultations are free regardless of what you end up needing, you can find his information below.

At Hearing Experience, we are most interested in your total hearing experience. From our free hearing testing to adjusting your existing hearing aids, to in-home visits, to remote hearing aid tuning, to insurance consultations with our trusted insurance specialist – we’ve got your interests at heart, always!

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