Hearing Aid Brands & Custom Earmolds

Hearing Aid Types

In The Ear

In-the-ear hearing aids were the first custom hearing aids available. They are individually manufactured to fit each person’s ear exactly. This device is best for people who have difficulty with dexterity or vision.

In The Canal

Usually uses a size 13 battery and is good for 3 to 4 weeks. Can be used for most hearing losses and can be connected to other devices. Does not maintain the directionality of the external ear, directional microphones can be added. This style used to be most common, but now is more rare.

Behind The Ear

At one time, this was the very best choice if you wanted to hear well, but then fell out of favor because of its size and “clunky” looks. Since then, the BTE has become more popular due to its updated style, smaller size, and connectivity capabilities to other devices.

Completely In The Canal

CIC‘s are small and their size and fit hold several aesthetic and listening advantages. It’s generally difficult for others to notice a CIC without looking for it and it works automatically without extra knobs and buttons to control.

Invisible In The Canal

Similar to the CIC, IIC’s are custom made but smaller - they are the smallest hearing aids available on the market today. IIC hearing aids fit the furthest down in the ear canal they are well hidden and undetectable by others.

Receiver In The Canal

By far the most popular (approximately 85% of the marketplace) style available for it's sleek/hidden design, Bluetooth capabilities, rechargeable option, and overall superior sound quality.


Most style of hearing aids will help you to connect to your world. Phones, televisions, music, and movies. All can be attached to your hearing aids to provide stunning sound quality.

We can discuss your options and find the perfect solution for you.

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How to Clean your Hearing Aid

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