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Signia Hearing Aid’s newest hearing aids are your natural choice for performance and hearing. Whether you’re in a meeting, taking an important business call, preparing a presentation, or meeting colleagues for lunch, Signia offers a wide range of hearing aids to help you hear better in any situation. Whether looking for modern, stylish hearing aids, discreet devices, or enhanced connectivity for audio streaming, Signia’s hearing solutions provide the most natural sound experience.

iPhone/iPad Bluetooth Pairing Instructions:

Using your iPhone/iPad, Signia (Rexton, TruHearing, HCS or Hearing Care Solutions, Horizon) hearing aids can use Bluetooth to stream anything audio – from phone calls, to music, to podcasts, to Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, etc!

There is also an app called “Signia App” that gives you the ability to temporarily change your volume and program settings – in some cases you can even change microphone settings, tone control and more.

In this document we will connect your hearing aids to your Apple device.

Pairing your hearing aids to iPhone/iPad for streaming:

Step 1: Make sure your Bluetooth is on

Step 2: We need to activate “Bluetooth pairing mode” in your hearing aids – to do that, the hearing aids need to be restarted:

Place the hearing aids into the charger with the charger plugged into the wall, but don’t pull them out just yet. If you use batteries, disconnect the battery door for now

Step 3: Open up your settings, tap on “Accessibility”, scroll down until you see and tap on “Hearing Devices”

Step 4: Now pull your hearing aids out of the charger or close the battery door Step 5: You should now see “*Your Name*’s Hearing Aids”, tap on your name. Step 6: Your phone will prompt you to “pair”, select “pair” for both devices

You should now be connected to audio, and able to “stream” anything audio!

Now, on to the app…

Pairing your hearing aids to “Signia App” for iPhone/iPad:

Step 1: Download Signia App in the App Store ( CLICK HERE) if you are on the device you would like to use

Step 2: Once downloaded and installed, tap the icon to open the app Step 3: The app will ask a few permissions, be sure to accept all

Step 4: Once through the permissions, the app will give you four connection options: “TeleCare Code”, “QR Code”, “Bluetooth”, or “Manual” – Go ahead and Select “Bluetooth”

Step 5: Since we have already connected your hearing aids to Bluetooth, you should just be able to follow the prompts and everything will connect automatically. If it “fails” to connect, turn your hearing aids off and on again by either opening and closing the battery door or plugging them into the charger, therefore reactivating “pairing mode” – everything should connect at that point.

CONGRATULATIONS! You’re now able to use your phone to control your ears!

If you find yourself in a situation where you are needing some troubleshooting, CLICK HERE for Signia’s interactive user guide for the app.

Alternatively, we are certainly always happy to schedule an appointment to get you dialled in – whatever is easiest for you 🙂

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