Covid-19 Response and Precautions

The Hearing Experience is committed to your Health & Safety.

We continue to offer treatment and curbside service during the Covid-19 outbreak. We closely follow the guidelines from the CDC and understand that a large portion of our clientele are among the most vulnerable; your health is our top priority. 

We understand that your ability to communicate during this crisis is critical  – we are “Hear” for you!

In accordance with the guidance from the CDC, we are taking the following precautions to strengthen our efforts to safeguard our clients’ health while in our locations:

  • If you are not feeling well or are presenting with symptoms of Coronavirus, we ask that you reschedule your appointment OR send in a healthy loved one to service your hearing aids. 
  • Our exam/consulting rooms will be disinfected between each patient. Common areas will be disinfected every hour or between patients, this includes door handles, equipment, reception desks and common surfaces and chairs.
  • Always call for an appointment – We are open limited and sometimes unusual hours to accommodate the safety of our patients during this crisis. We check our messages throughout each workday (Monday-Friday) and return
    calls as we are able.
  • Throughout testing and treatments, the professional staff will maintain a very strict routine of sanitizing and washing our hands. We are also maintaining as much distance as possible, though with some testing and treatment, we need to break the barrier of 6 feet. We appreciate your understanding.  Your safety and comfort remain our top priority! 
  • Once you have called ahead and made an appointment, we are offering curbside service for ALL clean and checks, hearing aid repairs and supplies. Please call us from the parking lot and someone will pick up your hearing aids.
  • OUR WAITING ROOM IS CURRENTLY CLOSED – If you have an appointment, we ask that you arrive on time, rather than too early or too late, since this will minimize the possible contact with any other patient and their appointment.

(760) 434-4327 or (949) 770-4327